I see so many amazing women especially visiting me for counselling who have a secret ….

They are addicted to food, via binge eating, restricting intake and completely obsessed with weight, body image and their size. The addiction however is cleverly disguised and widely accepted because it is associated with the “health & wellbeing” industry. The copious diets, shakes, clean eating nutrition plans, fitness regimes, detox and cleanses all seem appropriate and helpful from the outside looking in. But the truth of their motivation: “Skinny”

Body image, dysmorphia, and eating disorders are statistically growing at epidemic rates across our Nation. Why in 2016 is it more important to be “bikini body ready” than it was in 1945? The answer may be simple? We vote the external as the “deciding” factor on success, whilst our internal framework of emotions and our mental health and wellbeing are ignored, suppressed or at the very least “glossed” over.

Health & Wellbeing matters. It changes lives, extends and improves quality over so many functions; relationships, careers, families, o pportunities, finances, et al. But to continue concentrating on one primary part of the trifecta which includes our mind, heart, body seems foolish.

How we feel, affects who we are.
What we do, affects who we become.
Why we decided, affects where we end up.

So the secret is simple: Your how, what and why matters!