Skype with Me

I am excited to take things to a new level with Skype consultations.

Skype is a FREE service, easy to install, high quality video conferencing program. It’s effective, confidential and convenient for you. This technology is a sure way of getting some one-on-one specific advise, and is becoming more popular than ever for busy people.

When I work with people through Skype, it is as though we’re actually sitting together … we can speak from where ever you’re most comfortable, and you can rest assured that where I am (ie my consulting room) will be a confidential and safe setting, just as though you were actually in the room.

What you’ll need for a Skype session:

  • the Skype software installed on your laptop / phone / iPad (click here to download it for any / all of your devices)
  • a reliable, high speed internet connection
  • a webcam (the built in camera on your laptop, phone or iPad works) that you can set / prop up so that you can sit back and relax (and not have to hold your phone for the session)

If you’d like to book a Skype consultation, please do so here.  If you have any queries, please can email my clinic Eshé Counselling. We can talk you through the Skype consult options and work out the best plan of attack.

Looking forward to meeting you in cyberspace!

Lisa Bondarenko