We know all too well the pitfalls of self-neglect for women – fatigue, irritability and a lack of motivation are all inevitable when we do not take time out to care for themselves.

We recognise that the health of women is threefold – mind, body and soul are interdependent and must all be given the necessary attention if we are going to not only survive but thrive in this fast-paced world.

All too often women feel guilty for taking time out of their lives. Whether it’s work or family responsibilities we often feel that without our constant attention the lives of those around us would fall apart! However, taking a step back and doing something for yourself not only benefits you – it has a positive impact on all those around you.

If you think of it this way, it all comes down to a simple mathematical equation. When you give energy to work and family all day every day – and so many women do – the result is a loss of energy.

It is essential that one way or another this energy gets replenished.

Many women replenish their loss of energy through quick fixes – we drink wine of an evening, over eat sugary foods, or go on crash diets which only end up failing, leaving us feeling bereft and totally chipping away at our sense of self-worth.

These are tempting and understandable ways of seeking to replenish energy because these methods don’t take time and don’t impinge on anybody else.

Ultimately however, they are damaging because while they may meet some needs they do not provide real and lasting energy for the body, mind and soul.

Our retreats give you the opportunity to relinquish your worldly responsibilities and focus on you.

Run by a team of qualified health professionals this retreat offers nourishing food, cooking classes, facials, personal training and yoga programs, meditation workshops and silence to provide you with the opportunity to unwind and recharge.

Although it can feel like a huge step, getting away from the pressures of daily life gives you the time you need to disconnect and pay heed to your emotional and spiritual life – making you stronger and wiser for your return to the world.

You’re your greatest and most valuable asset – invest in you and realise the benefits of taking care of your whole self.