About Me


Thank you so much for jumping onto my website.

I have had an amazing career and life in general. I spent many years working within the Corporate sector, mainly Human Resource and Marketing/Event Management positions.

Like all of us we have moments in life, which force us take a step outside of safety and to jump into something new. This happened for me when I walked away from the corporate arena and enrolled in University at the age of 30 years old to immerse myself in all things “Social science and Counselling” for 4 years.

It was there I was able to solidify my love of human “wiring” and behaviour, with knowledge and understanding that has equipped a stronger and deeper framework. A framework that assists me working alongside individuals, groups and organisation’s in the matters of health and wellbeing from a mental, emotional and physical perspective.

Over the past several years my work has created such incredible collaborations with local, rural and national brands, which I am profoundly grateful for. My private Counselling practice remains the foundation and primary core of ‘who I am ’ and acts as the inspiration portal to my retreats, events and workshops.

Enjoy scrolling through this website. If you want to connect jump on over to the “contact me” page and send me an email.  I would love to hear from you.

Take care

Lisa Bondarenko